Welcome to The Kiddushin Variations!

Hi, there. This site isn’t really a blog so much as a listing of different ideas that various thinkers have proposed regarding how a couple might approach kiddushin, the first part of the Jewish wedding ceremony–more specifically, the fact that kiddushin is more or less the aquisition of the bride by the groom.

You might want to start exploring the site by looking at my more detailed explanation of what this project is about, getting some background on the Jewish wedding ceremony in traditional sources, or referring to the glossary.

I say this in several places, but I’ll say it again: if you’re not someone well-versed in Jewish law and are planning your own ceremony, please talk to a rabbi about what you’d like to do–this site should be considered more of a sketchbook than a series of final legal decisions.

If you have other ideas (shitot) that aren’t listed, or any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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One response to “Welcome to The Kiddushin Variations!

  1. Sylvia

    Is it possible to be married by a rabbi but not have the marriage registered under U.S. law? If not, is there a ceremony which is essentially a marriage, but which the rabbi is not required to report to the state?

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