This project was put together by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg. Send me email here.

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  1. R

    Great idea!(sorry many spelling mistakes)
    besides dealing with kiddushin you might also want to talk about the problem of the traditional ketubah- most women and men do not know that the premise is that he will feed cloth etc and all she makes and finds becomes his- there is no concept of joint responsiblity or joint ownership. As the halakha already mentiones the option of disolving the link- she can say doesn’t want to be fed and that the work of her hands is her own etc at least in this case even in traditional circles this inequality can be dealt with.
    At my wedding in Israel- I hired a toenet rabbanit to creat a document that first undid the link b/w men’s obligations and women’s financle dependance and then wrote up tnai ketubah which created legal joint responsiblity to care for one and other and joint ownership in things aquired after marriage (they-rabbanut- would not let me change text of ketubah itself only add the condidtions after which undid its premise) This additional document I brought to the Rabbanuit it was signed as a psak din by R. Zalman Nehemya Goldberg and he told us that we both had to do a kinyan on it under the huppah- which we did after parts where read out loud (was conflicted wanted a women to read the ketubah as that is not done in my circles but didn’t want the ketubah really at all so comprimised and had her read the first few lines with our names and the date then she said etc skiped down to the witnesses had witnesses sign – I did my own kinyan on the ketubah and not the misader kiddushin at the tish without my knowledge- and then she read the tenyaim and we did a kinyan on that)The document of tenyim is on out file at the rabbinut also.
    when I wrote comments on the different suggestions they were not ment for public post

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